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Year 6

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Year 6 - Miss Anderton, Mrs Harrison & Mrs Bancroft

Summer 2

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and support throughout this half term. The children have been working really hard on their SATs tests and now deserve a well-earned break!  Here are just a few reminders/notices about what will be happening in the new term when the children return to school.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask any of the Year 6 team. 

Topic: Gallery Rebels
Colours collide melting together on the canvas; an impression of light, a rage of red, a lobster perched on a telephone…Come and find out about the bizarre and eccentric minds of the gallery rebels! Art can be an act of rebellion. Can you change the world with a paintbrush, a thought or an idea?

Year 6 Play
Year 6 will soon begin rehearsing for our leavers play. Each year the play has been a lovely opportunity for the children and staff to wind down and celebrate the time they have spent at Christ Church. We hope to see you all there! Letters to go out, nearer the time.

Children will be given dates for their transition days (each high school is different) where children get to experience a day in the life of a year 7 pupil. This is a really good chance for children to have a look around the school, meet the teachers and also take part in lots of fun activities.

In English, we will be developing our reading, writing and grammar skills through exploring both fiction and non-fiction writing styles. We will work through the various stages of our topic linking to non-fiction texts as well as internet use to find out facts. All of the work we do in English links to our topic frozen kingdom. We will be starting a new class reader which the children will choose at the start of the term.

In Mathematics this term, we will be continuing to look at place value including decimal numbers. Rounding, estimating and using the inverse to check our answers will also form part of our mathematics lessons. Using the schools calculation policy, Year 6 will be using the formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have started to complete a weekly arithmetic paper where children have the chance to improve their score each week!

Religious Education
Our focus this term is beginning to help children gain a greater understanding of the significance of the Easter story. Who was Jesus? Who is Jesus?

Weekly spellings will be given out to each child on a Friday. Children will have a full week to learn their Stage 6 spellings and they will be tested the following Friday. Children will also have to complete a weekly grammar quiz on using their usernames and passwords.

Times Tables
As you are probably aware knowing our times tables is a huge focus now so a weekly times tables challenge will take place for the children to track their progress. Learning times tables up to 12 at home, will be very helpful for your child. Let’s see if you can improve your score each week for a prize!

Reading at Home
In year 6, it is important that you read with your child at home each night and sign their reading record. We will continue to hold a raffle prize draw each week, for those children who have read at home every night and have had their record signed. New exciting prizes have been added this half term. We also want to win the chance to take part in the ‘Starbooks’ afternoon in school for having the highest percentage of reading at home. Come on year 6, we can do it!

REMINDER: Homework will be given out once per half term. Please encourage your child to use their creative side! Children must complete at least five pieces of homework and their fantastic work will be celebrated in our homework celebration assembly. Your child can also use These will be updated regularly with different activities. Children will start receiving additional Maths and English homework sheets, which are to be returned as soon as they are completed.

Water Bottles
Water bottles can be brought into the classroom and stored. Children will be reminded to take their water bottle home at the end of the day to wash it out at home. It is important for the children to stay hydrated throughout the day.

We are always around at the end of the day, so please feel free to see us if you have any questions!