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Year 3

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Your Year 3 team this year are:

Mr Butler (Monday - Wednesday)

Miss Mulholland (Wednesday - Friday & Phase 2 Lead)


Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Monks 


Key Information & Reminders for the year ahead:

Please ensure your child is in full school uniform every day. This consists of a green jumper (school logo or plain), white polo shirt and grey/black skirt or trousers. During warmer months, the girls may wear green and white gingham dresses. Black school shoes must be worn at all times and trainers are not allowed.

Topic: Flow:

We are continuing throughout Summer 2 with our topic of ‘Flow.’

We will research famous rivers of the world, study their features and find their location on a map.
In addition to this we will also be identifying the latitude and longitude of the world, learning about the equator, the tropics and different time zones.


In English we will be looking at adventure Stories based on caves, for example, ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves’ and ‘The Kingdom and the Cave’ by Joan Aiken and reading the poem ‘The Journey’ by Neil Griffiths continuing with our theme linked to water and rivers.


Our focus for the half term is going to be on time, graphs and shape, measures and space . Please continue to practise your times tables each week.

Religious Education
Our theme in RE this half term is thinking about Incarnation/God:  What is the Trinity? Children will identify the difference between a ‘Gospel’ which tells the story of the life of Jesus and a letter.  They will describe how Christians show their beliefs about God the trinity in worship for example in baptism and prayer.


In Science this half term we will be completing our Rocks and Minerals work and then we will be participating in a variety of investigations. We will be making sure that we are able to conduct a fair test and that we are able to make a prediction based on what we know about the topic. We will also look at different variables and decide which variables we are changing and which variables we need to keep the same.

 Year 3 music concert:

Remember that we are playing our instruments at The Lowry theatre on Wednesday 27th June. The concert will take start at 5.15pm and finish for about 6.30pm. Parents can purchase tickets for this event via The Lowry Theatre. A letter regarding the concert has been sent out via email. If you require transport back to school from The Lowry please speak to a member of year 3.


Your child’s PE days are Wednesday and Friday which will be taught by Mr Bossons. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school.

This consists of:

- A pair of pumps - Preferably slip on ones.

- White, plain t-shirt

- Black shorts

This kit should stay in school and will be sent home at the end of each half term to be washed ready for the next term.

 PE kits are compulsory for Health and Safety purposes.

Reading Routine

Reading is an important part of your child’s learning. As a school we ask that you ensure your child has a reading experience 3 times per week. This can include reading their own books and comics at home as well exploring the internet and reading articles with an adult. The school has also provided reading books to all children that are suitable to your child. We welcome parents and carers to read the book with your child to promote a love of reading! You might also try asking a range of questions to help your child develop their reading skills.

For more information or support on reading at home please come and speak with Mr Butler, Miss Mulholland or Mrs Monks.

Water Bottles

Water bottles can be brought into the classroom and stored. Children will be reminded to take their water bottle home at the end of the day to wash it out at home. It is important for the children to stay hydrated throughout the day.


The computer can be an excellent tool in supporting your child’s progression and developing their understanding. A number of websites exist that offer a range of educational games suitable for year 3 children. These games combine the element of fun and the excitement of gaming with skills from the national curriculum. Here Is a list of useful websites that you may wish to encourage your children to visit. Please note, most games offer various levels of challenge, so it is important that you work with the child to ensure they are playing games that are appropriate to the skills they need to learn.