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Year 4

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Year 4 - Mr Lancaster & Mrs Awan
Summer 2

What a brilliant start to the summer term we had!

The children really enjoyed their new topics and worked extremely hard throughout the half term. As part of our focus on MISTY MOUNTAINS we went on an orienteering trip to Dukes Drive and had a climb up Shining Tor in the peak district! The children really loved getting outside and learning about geography and developing their map skills by taking part in fieldwork and orienteering..

On this webpage you will find all the information you will need about our next half term together!


English and Topic - MISTY MOUNTAINS


This half term, Year 4 will continue to investigate mountains. We will be looking at how mountains are formed and discovering the explosive nature of volcanoes!

The children will look at the different parts of a volcano and understand how magma erupts. We will also drill into the Earth to discover the different layers and of molten rock!

We will even look at some of the most famous eruptions through history!


 English - Hamlet

Over the course of Summer 2, we will also continue to focus on the work of William Shakespeare and we will continue to explore the play 'Hamlet'. The children will further emerge themselves in drama as we begin to plan our own 10 minute production on Shakespeare. Our particular focus will be the Christ Church Dagger Players.

We will be focusing on the play within the play "The murder of Gonzago." We will also look at King Claudius' reaction and why Hamlet could not take revenge, as well as the death of Polonius.



This half term we will begin by looking at Mass, volume and length. We will also be revisiting some of our previous topics so please take a look at the class website for the end of chapter reviews!



This half term we will be working scientifically. During this topic the children get to explore the different types of scientific investigation. We encourage the children to ask their scientific questions and let them lead their own learning through  discovery. It is a fantastic topic that lets them develop their hands on science skills by carrying out a range of crazy, wacky experiments.


Religious Education

Our RE topic for Summer 1 is David and the Psalms. We will be learning about the story of David and Goliath and will be finding the messages behind the Psalms and Hymns that Christians sing today.


PE will take place on Tuesday and swimming will take place on Monday. Please ensure your child’s PE kit is in school every day and that all items are clearly labelled. The PE kit is compulsory and pupils will need: A pair of pumps, a white plain t-shirt and black shorts. Grey or black jogging bottoms are also allowed in the cold weather. PE kits are compulsory for Health and Safety purposes.



Year 4 will begin swimming lessons on 26th February 2018. Lessons will continue on Each Monday afternoon. Letters with further details have been sent out. Children bring a complete kit as detailed on the swimming letter. Unfortunately, if your child does not have the correct kit the school is unable to provide a replacement so your child will have to miss that swimming session.



Children are expected to bring their books in everyday so they can be heard read at any time. Children also take part in weekly guided reading sessions with the teacher or LSA. We appreciate that it is not always possible to read every night with your child, but do ask that you make every effort to read at least 3 times per week with them, and make a comment and sign their reading records.

Water bottles

Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle into school every day which is clearly labelled with their name. Children are expected to take their water bottle home at the end of each day to wash at home and return the next day. We have noticed that a large number of our children have not been bringing water bottles in, meaning that they are sharing cups with other children and potentially passing on bugs and germs.