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Welcome to Year 5's Class Page

Welcome to Year 5's Class Page

Year 5 - Autumn 2

Topic: The Ancient Maya

This half term we will travel back in time to the earliest Mayan civilization, across the Atlantic ocean to middle America. For an ancient civilisation, they had a very advanced culture and had developed their own written language, architecture, mathematics and astronomical system. The reason for the collapse of this great ancient civilization is still a mystery.

In English we will continue to write in a variety of genres with the aim to us being able to confidently write in a range of genres by choice. We will be focusing on the use of fronted adverbials, description, conjunctions and the use of new punctuation such as parenthesis, colons and semi-colons.

Mathematics: Multiplication and Division
The children will be moving on to multiplication and division which will include the following learning: multiples, factors, prime numbers, 4 digit numbers multiplied by 2 digit, 4 digit numbers divided by 1 digit, squared numbers and cubed numbers. We will then end the half term with solving word problems. Please help your children at home by learning the meaning of the words and practising these where possible.

In science this half term we focus on the changes as humans develop to old age. We will learn about the stages of growth and development in humans including puberty. We will also compare the gestation periods of humans to other animals.

RE: The Lord’s Prayer and Christmas
Next half term, the children will be studying the Lords Prayer before we delve into the excitement of Christmas! We will be reading and studying The Gospels of Matthew & Luke during this festive period, as well as other Bible stories & discussing their impact on our lives.

The children will be given a set of tasks related to their topic to be completed over the half term. We aim to include tasks which will require a range of skills so that the children can really learn for themselves what they enjoy doing and what they’re best at. Additional  activities which your child can do at home (times tables and spellings for example) are available to download from the Year 5 class page on our website. Our teaching team are always happy to receive extra work being done at home!

'For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.' Corinthians 13:12


Thank you for your continued support,

Mon-Weds: Mrs Holmes (Y5 Teacher, Phase 3 Lead and English Subject Lead)

Weds -Fri: Mrs Bleasdale (Y5 Teacher)

Mrs Cross (HLTA)

Miss Mackay (Trainee Teacher)