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At Christ Church we learn about other faiths. The children very much enjoy visits to local places of worship such as Eccles Mosque. Where possible we feel it is important to have visits from members of different faith communities. Previous visits have involved visitors from Muslim faith, Jewish faith and Buddhist faith. We aim to ensure that all of our children at Christ Church understand, tolerate and respect faith in our society. We believe it nurtures and reinforces the Christ-centered Christian values: compassion, respect, care, love and forgiveness.

At Christ church, we love, learn and discover to make the right choices, as God's children.

Schools have a role in supporting spiritual and moral development in children. In this we hope to support the positive teaching children receive at home from their parents. We listen to relevant stories and poems and we reflect on these values and how to show them in our day-to-day lives at Christ Church. Staff reinforce these values during the school day and particularly in Philosophy 4 Children and RE lessons. 

Our school values are displayed all around our school and helps us to think of our purpose here at Christ Church. It helps us to live out the New Commandment that Jesus gave us:

John 13:34-35
"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another”

Religious Education

As a church school we see the teaching of R.E. as an important and integral part of our school life.

We have adopted the Manchester Diocesan Board of Education syllabus for Church of England schools as the basis for our R.E. teaching for the following reasons:

1. It provides a good balance between the teaching of Christianity and other faiths.

(However as a church school the major emphasise of our R.E. is Christian based.)

2. It provides a good basis of information allowing staff to teach all areas with sensitivity and knowledge.

3. The scheme ensures the teaching of RE is progressive and allows staff to focus in on aims and objectives.

4. We believe it gives children the skills, knowledge and experience to make informed choices in their own exploration of life and faith.

5. The syllabus allows children to become questful learners to discover more about themselves, others, the world and God.


1. To learn about (explicit) and from (implicit) religion.

2. To teach the Christian faith in a positive way.

3. To encourage others to explore the Christian faith.

4. To explain the meaning of other faiths and to promote respect for them.

5. To encourage the children to recognise and value the faith of others.

6. To promote spiritual, moral, social, cultural and mental development.

7. To consider questions of the meaning and purpose of life, develop children’s sense of identity and belonging and thus prepare them for life as citizens in a plural society.

Collective Worship

In line with the requirements of the Education Reform Act, our children take part in daily collective worship. Monday, Thursday and Friday collective worship is carried out in assemblies where children can reflect together. Tuesday and Wednesday collective worship is carried out in class. Each class have the opportunity to work on our talk promises and lead our focus each week. Our reflection time includes acts of Christian worship such as prayers and hymns.

Rev. Jenny

Rev Jenny is part of our school community through our church. She regularly attends assemblies and special days of worship such as Christingle, Patricroft Passion and our Leavers Service. On a Tuesday Rev. Jenny helps to run our J.A.M club where children can listen to Bible stories and sing hymns.

Andrew Galimore

Andrew is a pastor, who has been part of our school community for many years. All the children at Christ Church look forward to seeing him in our half termly assemblies. He leads the children in songs and always helps to find the moral in the story. Andrew also joins Rev. Jenny in J.A.M club on a Tuesday.  


Philippians 4:13

"I can do all things through him who gives me strength."







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