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History helps pupils to understand how events from the past shape our lives today and our future, providing pupils with a sound knowledge of the history of Britain and beyond. Our lessons help pupils to build an understanding of the complexity of people’s lives, how and why change occurs, the diversity of societies across the globe and the challenges of our time.

At Christ Church we have developed our History curriculum to ensure that our pupils become historians and not just filing cabinets of facts. We aim for pupils to grow into inquisitive and critical thinkers who have a curiosity about the world and it’s history. We want our pupils to be real life problem solvers in a variety of contexts and for them to gain lifelong analytical skills. History allows our pupils to learn from the past and develop their knowledge and tolerance of others. It develops their perspective of the past and today, and encourages them to make judgements and informed responses based on evidence. Overall, our curriculum will give our pupils a sound understanding of why and how Britain and the wider world has developed into the way it is today.

Each year group studies three History themes a year. This has been rigorously planned so that pupils revisit and build on knowledge and skills across their time here at Christ Church. We focus on the three key milestones of Chronology, Enquiry & Interpretation and Knowledge of World History.