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Art and Design

Art and Design

Art & Design allows pupils at Christ Church to explore their creativity and try different methods to express their own ideas. Our curriculum equips them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art & design. Pupils also learn about the work of great artists and designers.

Our Art & Design curriculum has been developed to increase the creativity and imagination of our pupils. Our aim is for our pupils to become proficient in a range of art skills including: drawing, painting textile and sculpture. Throughout their years with us children will develop with independence and creativity as skills are built; starting in Year 1 & 2 where they study a specific artists and a specific piece of art; in Year 3 & 4 where the pupils are introduced to an artist and study a range of his/her pieces and then begin to explore their own opinions, likes and dislikes; to Year 5 and 6 where they are given an art movement and must apply all the learning they have done in the previous years in order to design and create a piece of art in that style. Through this process we will create and embed a culture of resilience, providing sufficient challenge for all pupils. By studying artists, specific pieces and movements children will develop and secure their understanding of the history of artists and their styles. Pupils have their own sketch books that they carry with them throughout their time at Christ Church and built up a portfolio of their work. Pupils are required and encouraged to annotate their own work and work of others and therefore develop their evaluation and analytical talents. As part of our dedication to providing all of our pupils with life experiences we will ensure pupils visit art galleries and begin to appreciate different mediums of art. The development and commitment to our Art curriculum will also allow of pupils to explore future opportunities and aspirations in an Art & Design future/career.

Each year group studies three Art & Design themes a year. This has been rigorously planned so that children revisit and build on knowledge and skills across their time here at Christ Church. We focus on the five key milestones of Research and Evaluation, Drawing, Painting, Textile & Sculpting.