Photos and Videos

Photos and Videos

Welcome to the Photos and Videos page. On this page we have provided links to all of the photo galleries and videos that we have.

All the links are shown below:

Irwell Valley Under 11s Football Match

Tournement at Bury College for Under 11s, we submitted a Project Pat team, a Lewis Street team & a Christ Church team.

Year 6 Netball Gallery

Passing, moving and defending drill incorporated into an adapted form of the gam: Piggy in the middle ', 'Children enjoying a game of netball.

Year 2 Gymnastics Gallery

Children practising their forward roll techniques', 'Different ways of rolling in Gymnastics

Football Gallery

The children celebrate a goal when playing football', 'A group practising dribbling and passing in a game of football', 'The children practice their control over the ball by dribbling it around obstacles', 'Practising passing and control over the ball in pairs.

Year 5 Gymnastics Gallery

Children are working in pairs to demonstrate different ways of balancing', 'A group incorporating symmetrical shapes into their gymnastics sequence', 'A group performing a counterbalance as part of their own created gymnastics sequence', 'Children are enjoying practising different ways of balancing.

Healthy Lifestyles Week Gallery

Throughout the week of 17th March 2014 the whole school took part in Healthy Lifestyles week. During the week the children took part in creating healthy meals with Chef Noel, they also learnt about how to stay healthy, visited Tesco to learn where different foods came from and also took part in morning exercises! We all, including the teachers, had lots of fun!

AJ Bell Rugby Tournament Gallery

On 23/10/14, 9 pupils took part in a 16 team tournament, winning every match they played. Eventually winning the competition and Cody Adamson also being awarded female player of the tournament! Play started with heat stages, where Christ Church had to play against four other schools, the school with the most points would be entered in to the Semi-Finals. We won every match 1-0 and were through to the Semi''s. Christ Church then beat their opponents in the semis by 2-0 and they were in the final. In the final they played a team who looked really tough to beat, Christ Church won 2-0 again, and had won the tournament.

Tag Rugby Festival Gallery

Tag Rugby Competition. Children were invited down to Eccles Rugby Club where we played a festival in which we won all our matches and we also got to meet Sarah The England women's world Cup winning Rugby Team vice Captain and Prince Harry.