Club Links

S-Cool Golf Days

S-Cool Golf came into school during our Healthy Living week, they allow the children to take part in a fun activity where children get the opportunity to experience golf in a unique, fun and exciting way.

Lancashire County Cricket Club 

Lancashire County Cricket Club worked alongside the Year 6 children helping to establish cricket as a sport that is fun for the pupils to learn. The children played cricked every week for a term and learnt various different skills including fielding, batting, bowling and working as a team. 

Eccles RFC

Eccles RFC provide Rugby lessons for the children every Sunday. The children are taught by coaches who are passionate about Rugby and aim to provide training to the highest standard. The rugby club collected the children from Lewis Street and charge a small amount for the training, transport and food.

Manchester United Foundation

Manchester United Foundation have been into our school many different times teaching the healthy eating programme "Something to Chew on" which educates the pupils on living a healthy lifestyle through football, fitness and nutrition. Manchester United Football in the community have sent coaches into our school delivering free football coaching to Years 1, 2 3 and 4, which the children have really enjoyed.

Sale Sharks

Sale Sharks came into our school to teach the children Numeracy and Tag Rugby. The children enjoyed a six week programme where this innovative and engaging programme made learning about numbers fun, exciting and rewarding. It also helped to inspire the pupils to both improve their Numeracy skills and their Physical Health. 

School Sports Partnerships

School Sport Partnerships in Salford provide lots of exciting competitions which local schools can enter. We have entered various competitions including Sportshall Athletics, Netball, Gymnastics and World Sports Day events. These allow the children the opportunity to meet pupils from other schools, it also gives them the chance to participate in new and exciting school sports activities and develops inter-school competitions.

Eco Club

At eco club we learn to look after our environment both around the school and in the wider world. We learn the importance of looking after our surroundings, wildlife and our planet.