Our curriculum aims to provide opportunities for our children to develop our 4 key school values: self-belief, challenge, respect and excellence


It’s our philosophy to bring the curriculum to life


What is the curriculum?

The curriculum is the subjects schools must teach as per government guidelines:


Core subjects






Foundation Subjects


Design Technology




Art & Design


Modern Languages


What is Cornerstones?

Cornerstones is a Scheme of Work that provides us with a wide range of creative projects for each year group. These projects give comprehensive coverage of all National Curriculum guidelines but also provide fun and enriching lessons.

“Our four-stage pedagogy is built on academic research and years of practical teaching experience. We call it The Four Cornerstones.”

What are the aims of our Curriculum?

• To provide an enjoyable and engaging learning process

• To instil high expectations in our children

• To provide the children with meaningful trips to capture with imagination and provide writing opportunities from it

• To give our children memorable first hand experiences

• To provide a caring and supportive environment where all children can learn, underpinned by our School Values

• To bring awareness of and celebrate diversity

• To instil pride in individual achievement

• To develop independent minds by planning engaging innovate projects

• To provide a long lasting education and the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills to prepare them for life beyond school

• To provide knowledge of and opportunities to discuss issues affecting our local area and the Global world around us

• To provide children with opportunities to broaden their outlook on life

• To establish cross-curricular links to encourage a broader understanding across all subjects


How do we teach the foundation subjects?

Early Years Foundation Stage

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, children learn through play. We offer this through a mixture of adult led and child initiated activities. The Early Years curriculum consists of 7 areas of learning: Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Children learn a great deal outdoors and have free flow access to our new revamped outdoor area. Along with KS1 and KS2 we use Cornerstones to plan a creative curriculum.


KS1 & KS2

In KS1 and 2 we teach Science, History, Geography, Art & DT and music through Cornerstones combined with our English lessons. We teach PE, Computing and Spanish also Science as separate lessons.


Cornerstones provides us with 4 stages of learning- the 4 Cornerstones:





Hook learners in with a memorable experience. Set the scene and provide the context for our learning. Provoke curiosity using interesting starting points. Encourage children to ask questions to provoke thought and interest.



Teach knowledge for depth of understanding. Demonstrate new skills and allow time for consolidation. Provide creative opportunities for making and doing. Deliver reading, writing and talk across the curriculum.



Provide imaginative scenarios where learning and outcome is child led and the adults are facilitators. Provoke creative thinking. Enable the children to provide previously learned skills. Encourage enterprise and independent thinking.



Encourage reflective talk by asking questions. Provide opportunities for shared evaluation. Celebrate success.


Please see class pages for current topic information and should you require any further information please see your child's class teacher or contact the school office.


 Collective Worship


At Chirst Church C of E primary School, Our school and Christian Values permates everything we do and has a large influence on our school curriculum. Our School vales "Respect, Excellence, Self Belief and Challenge" were chosen by the pupils, parents, teachers and governors. We have linked our Christian Values to the teaching of the Bible amd every half term we focus on one specific Christian value.


This term, our Christian Value is: Courage


Over the next half term, we shall be exploring thankfulness during Collective Worship and assemblies. We would like to invite you, our parents and carers, to share this value with your children.



You can find more information on our Collective Worship on the left hand side of this page.


Religious Education

As a proud Church of England school, we regard the teaching of Religious Education as both a huge responsibility and a privilege that must be recognised by those who teach it. As a Partnership we have chosen to follow the Manchester Diocese suggested scheme of work. 

It is hoped that the content of this scheme of work is to give the children a sense of being on a quest of discovery. The emphasis on questions enables the children to have the opportunity to investigate, reflect, evaluate and make meaning.

You can find more information about our Religious Education as well as links to the Manchester Diocese Scheme of Work for Key Stage 1 and 2 on the left hand side of this page.

We are extremely pleased and proud to have been awarded with  OUTSTANDING status in our SIAMS Inspection.